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"Of course, in as much as the trio each chooses a different Hallow, it’s also clear that they each symbolize a different Hallow. Harry, driven above all by love and longing; Ron, by the need to prove himself; Hermione, by the need to do what’s right. [ … ] This book easily could have been titled ‘Harry Potter and the Horcrux Quest,’ but while destroying Horcruxes accurately describes what Harry is trying to do in this book, his specific means of targeting Voldemort isn’t nearly as important as the fact that he, Ron, and Hermione are pooling their talents to simply do whatever it takes. In a way, they are the Deathly Hallows, and that’s what this book is about.”  –– John Kearns, The Harry Potter Companion [X]

1940 - Best outtake ever [X]

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Wilting Rose Timelapse [X]

Wilting Rose Timelapse [X]

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – “The Resident Patient” (1985)

"I can read in a man’s eyes when it’s his own skin he’s frightened for."

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

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Edvard Munch – Madonna (1894)

Edvard Munch – Madonna (1894)

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Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends - 2.07

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The Weekenders - 1.02

That Mitchell and Webb Look - 3.03